At the beginning of 2021, we were tasked with redesigning a website for a company with over 30 years of experience in the industrial automation field – Kovimex d.o.o.

Their first website was made around 2010, and since the digital world has drastically changed during the last decade, their website became outdated and didn’t meet the standards the consumers expect anymore.

We started off our project with a detailed briefing, like what are their main services or products, what sales channels are they using the most, who are their customers, and what are the most common questions they get from them, and so on. Once we understood their company and how have they been operating for the past 30 years, we designed a plan for a website that fits their business.

1. Digital catalog

One of the most important aspects of their business is the distribution of different parts used in industrial automation. Kovimex is offering hundreds of products from 3different manufacturers, and up until now, they were using 3 different catalogs, one for each manufacturer. On top of that, their existing website had catalogs embedded from manufacturer’s websites, not helping their search engine rankings at all. We combined all 3 catalogs into one, giving their sales reps the option to smoothly navigate through all of the products at once, directly from their phone.

2. Spotlight on the services

One of the things on their old website that also had much room for improvement was the presentation of their other services. Besides distributing the parts, their team of experts also design new production lines and offer consultations for the existing ones, but that wasn’t particularly well displayed. We created separate pages for each of the services they offer along with clear CTAs for prospective customers to easily book their meetings.

A new look for Kovimex d.o.o. company website.

3. Modern look

Besides carefully structured content we also made sure the website looks modern and refreshed but still within their brand guidelines. We made sure it also displays properly on different screens, as their sales reps plan on using the digital catalog while working in the field with their tablets or phones.

In conclusion, we can confidently say that the redesign of their old website was a success. The most notable difference that has immediately shown is the fact that their sales team can now easily browse through all of the products and their specifications in a matter of clicks directly from their mobile phone, as opposed to browsing through physical catalogs like they did until now. In the future, we can also expect the website will help them generate new leads as it provides new prospective clients with more information about their services and an easy way to contact the company and schedule their meetings. 

We’d like to thank Kovimex d.o.o. for the trust to carry out such an important task for their business and the giving us the approval to share this project with you