At this point, there isn’t much to say left about the pandemic, lockdowns, and all of the previously »unusual« stuff that became pretty common during the past 2 years. Covid-19 has forced us to make changes, as we had to introduce new workflows to ensure safety for our team and still provide clients with the best possible service.

This is how we deal with Remote Video Production.

1. Videocall briefings

This is probably the most obvious one – all of the meetings before the shooting, are now done online. Shocking, right? Clients also send us product samples to our office/studio beforehand so we can have the product in front of us already when we discuss the project with the client.

2. Live feed from the studio

Before the pandemic, our clients would often join us in the studio and watch our shooting process. Since that’s not possible, or advisable to say the least, we set up a live feed directly from our camera to your laptop, so you will see exactly what the director of the video sees on his screen. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you can be virtually present with us on the shooting day from anywhere in the world.

Feed from our studio camera visible on laptop, anywhere in the world.

3. Studio safety

Now, more than ever, we rely on the safe environment that’s our studio. Unless we must shoot outside, we’ll try to find a way to produce the video in our studio, as it gives us the highest level of safety and reliability. We have complete control over what or who goes in and out of the studio, so we can efficiently minimize the risks of shooting being delayed or postponed, or compromised in some other way.

4. Animation and stock footage

This isn’t particularly new, but it’s a great way to »workaround« obstacles we are facing in pandemic times. Your video can also be fully or just partially animated and still get your message to the viewer. The same goes for using stock footage. As long as you are clear on your strategy, what is your video’s ultimate goal, there are many ways of producing it and still getting the same result, even in times of uncertainty and ever-changing work restrictions.

To sum it up; Covid-19 and all the restrictions that came with it did affect but didn’t disarm us. We can still deliver videos of the highest quality, and you can still be as involved as ever. If you are interested in video marketing or would like to talk about a project, you are welcome to contact us here.