Video production


Using video production for marketing purposes has skyrocketed in the past few years, and with a good reason – it works. The “numbers” regarding video content are as high as ever. More than 95% of consumers said they watched a product demo video and landing pages with videos on them have conversion rates up to 80% better. Video posts on Facebook generate 1200% more shares and engagement than photos and text COMBINED!


Here are some of the most popular types of videos used for business right now:

  • Product videos: commercials, product demos, explainers
  • User-generated content (UGC): unboxings, reviews, other content
  • Corporate: employee training, company announcements, and speeches, webinars.
  • Other creative solutions: 360° video, live streams etc.

From start to finish



Once we determine who we are talking to and what our goal is, we start developing your video’s concept and how we will deliver our message.


We visualize every scene by drawing the storyboard. These sketches help us efficiently prepare everything for the actual shoot, from a set and prop design to production gear needed.


We take care of everything needed for the shooting, from location scouting, test shoots, buying props, hiring actors, and renting extra gear.


It’s showtime. When the script, the set, the props, and the actors are ready, it’s time for the cameras to roll. We can even set up a live feed directly from our studio for remote clients. You can read more about remote production here.


Now we put everything together; we do video editing, audio design and visual effects, retouching, and color grading. Once we’re done, the video is finished and ready to be deployed.


After you approve of our work, we’ll deliver you a finished product with the commercial rights to distribute and use for your business.

Interested? Call us. We’d be happy to chat about your project.

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